What we do

We give voice to the victims and witnesses of corruption
and work towards a world free of corruption. Our work stands on the following 3 core pillars

Combat corruption and misuse of public resources

Corruption holds back economic development, and further exploits already marginalized groups.

Promote justice and Human Rights observation

Well now is the time to stand united and practice social justice – for a better future for all.

Promote democracy and the rule of law

Democracy is seen by many as a viable means to rebuild the legitimacy of African states. 

Building a powerful coalition

At MIRAC, we build a strong coalition for members able to contribute effectively in the development process and enhancing people’s potentials to hold their leaders accountable for their actions, be it misuse or management of resources.

Want to be of help?

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Media Helping

For meaningful engagement between citizens and leaders, all must be informed

Get Involved

See how you can report corruption, join our campaigns, get updates and support the global fight against corruption

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Choose any medium either offline or online to send donation and aid to fight for the common cause.

Meet the team

Bbiira Kiwanuka Nassa

Executive Director

Kusemererwa Ismail

Programs Officer

Mutegeki Osborn

Programs Accountant

Atulinda Susan

Accounts Assistant

Amanya Dickens

Coordinator, Bunyoro Albertine Petroleum Network On Environmental Conservation-bapeneco

Tusiime Priscillar

Coordinator, Bunyoro Platform On Development Minerals

Ayesiga Gloria

Civil Society Strengthening And Membership Officer

Kahwa Monic

Monitoring & Evaluation Officer

Tusiime Josephine

Front Desk Officer

Rwolekere Kosia

Security Officer

Our Donors & Partners

Here are some people who support our work, We look forward to having you here!

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